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The Invincible Hero Academy will be opening its doors soon.

We believe in the power of others to excite, inspire and advocate for positive change in our world. Our goal is to prepare the next generation of super-powered individuals to meet the practice and policy challenges of Paragon City and the world.

If you’re looking to make a difference in how super-powered individuals of all backgrounds and circumstances grow and thrive, we have a program designed for you.

Established heroes and superpowered individuals, this is a call to help aid those seeking to learn the ins and outs of the heroic lifestyle.

The students of the academy, our Proteges, vary in their needs. Some simply need guidance to put them on the right path, while others may need help learning to master their powerful abilities.

Mentors are required to pick one night a month to hold their class. This can be extended to twice monthly or even weekly. It is up to the mentor to provide the material needed for their Proteges.


  • You are encouraged to RP and team together without the presence of a mentor. It's our hope that this part of the Invincible team will achieve some semblance of autonomy with their Mentors serving as the occasional guide and sometimes quest-giver.
  • Additionally, you have the option of turning off XP gains between classes for a more immersive learning experience, but by no means is this required. The only true requirement is the acknowledgment that your character needs aid in one way or another, even if they may personally deny it at every turn.

  • Your responsibility for this role-play experiment is to provide content for yourself and your IC students to explore. This can be as mundane as a classroom setting teaching the history of Paragon City (though I doubt many may repeatedly sign up for these), to creating Danger Room style missions in the AE building.
  • Utilize all of the City of Heroes to your advantage. Field trips to far-reaching locations under the excuse of learning about lore, only to have it go wrong when there's a surprise attack or civilians need your help via using radio missions.
  • To those applying to be mentors, you will be given a brief interview via Discord. During this interview, we will discuss your ideas before deliberating privately on your application. Note: While there is the potential for every applicant to be "hired" as a mentor, this may not be the case. We reserve the right to refuse any applicant for any reason.

Mentors, please sign up below using the following information

Mentor's Superhero Name
Mentor's Real Name (If it is publicly available)
IC Experience (If any apply - you may generalize this.)
Appropriate subjects and classes that fit your Mentor
Days and Times you would like to host classes.
Required supplies for your Mentor's classes (If any apply)
Additional Notes:
Please prepare a general statement about the classes your Mentor will be hosting, but do not post it here. Please only provide it during the interview process.
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I'd love to hear your feedback!
#14204058 Sep 04, 2019 at 05:46 PM
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Mentor's Superhero Name: Final Glint
Mentor's Real Name: Darien Mograin
IC Experience: 14 years military, 17 years Vanguard and Hero, previous position in Astarte Ascendant Acadamy,
Appropriate subjects and classes that fit your Mentor
[*] Team Dynamics
[*] Combat Tactics
[*] Military History
[*] Paragon History
[*] Leadership
[*] Self Control
[*] History of Meta Threats and Allys

Days and Times you would like to host classes.
Working on this, i am free most times between 6pm EST and 1am EST weekdays and all day on weekends. Currently playing with the idea of a class after my weekly MSR so about 7pm EST

Required supplies for your Mentor's classes (If any apply)
Nothing I wont provide my self. However recommendations for various AE arcs to take the students on as either assignments or simulations are appreciated.

Additional Notes:
The goal will be to focus on practical application of the student's abilities but Darien's experience and dedication will likely result in a lot of after class assistance. Darien's role with Vanguard will occasionally be used as an explanation for absences when necessary, it will how ever allow him to give insight into the inner workings of Vanguard.
#14204065 Sep 04, 2019 at 06:00 PM · Edited 2 months ago
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Application for Mentorship.

Superhero Name: Crimson Jackal

Real Name: Christophe Jones

Experience: I am one of Invincible's first members and have worked with many of the younger members of the team already. I am a Incarnate and have worked with and have access to Ouroboros. In addition to being able to put out and take a lot of damage, I have ways of aiding others.

Appropriate subjects and classes that fit your Mentor: Know Your Enemy, Heroic History, Up Close and Personal: A Guide to Melee Combat.

Days and Times you would like to host classes: I can do classes on the weekends between noon and 8 PM EST.

Required supplies for your Mentor's classes: I will set up most of the classes for KYE and UCaP in Architect missions.
#14204817 Sep 06, 2019 at 08:12 AM · Edited 2 months ago
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Mentor's Superhero Name

Mentor's Real Name
Rinaldo Giovanni

IC Experience
Veteran superhero of Paragon City

Appropriate subjects and classes that fit your Mentor
  • Superhero Field Studies: A hands-on approach to acquiring super heroic and crime fighting skills in which students positively influence their community through sanctioned missions against appropriate levels of threat
  • Experiential History: An interactive take on the learning of historical events pertaining to superheroes in Paragon City and beyond through a simulation of real-time events
Days and Times you would like to host classes
Semi-flexible, but mainly Sunday or Wednesday evenings on a monthly or bi-monthly basis is probably best

Students must come to class equipped with the following
  • Working medi-porter
  • Wireless communicator
  • Positive attitude!
Additional Notes
The above classes are made possible by a generous donation from Architect Entertainment.
#14214941 Sep 24, 2019 at 05:43 AM
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Mentor's Superhero Name: Citizen Thirteen

Mentor's Real Name: James Rodgers

IC Experience: Retired Military(Rangers, Special Forces, Black Ops), Texas Criminal Justice Certification

Appropriate subjects and classes that fit your Mentor:
  • Escalation(and deescalation) of Force / Use of Force Continuum discussion ((half discussion, half danger room simulation))
  • First Aid ((tourniquets, field dressings, wound packing))
  • Tactical Room Clearing ((not just for gun guys!))
Days and Times you would like to host classes:
I will more than likely either do this on a weekday afternoon running sometime between 3pm and 5pm, although I don't expect it to last that long and I know attendance could be rough for that timeframe. Or I can try to plan out a week night where I can stay up later than normal(which isn't a huge problem). Weekends are too random for me because my wife makes the plans and I just go with whatever that plan is lol.

Required supplies for your Mentor's classes (If any apply)

Coffee. If you're too young to drink it, bring it for the teacher!
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